uh, Dave is a jerk! *FLEES*


Yes, I know that this is a hentai webcomic but I wanted to take a moment to address something a little bit serious. This page was challenging to script because it was depicting an abusive relationship in four panels. It’s easier to just say that “Dave is a jerk”. There is more to it that we expressed in the comic. The first panel shows a bit of the honeymoon period where everything is great. We’re experimenting with the outfit because it’s sexy and Dave is so into it that he just can’t wait.

The next is where things are turbulent. Dave was controlling about who I talked to, visited with, messaged online. He yelled at me often to keep me isolated.

Then.. he told me to go some place to meet him and I had to stay there, until he eventually decided to tell me he wasn’t coming.

And the last straw was catching him fucking other girls. I was lucky that I had decided that I was not going to take it any more. I quit the relationship. When things got extra dicey, I was ready to call the police to get a restraining order. It’s hard to shake a mind fuck relationship when that asshole becomes your everything and your only bit of social life. It took me many years to trust anyone fully again. This also damaged my sense of self. Compared to verbally abusive and controlling jerk boyfriend, the neglectful WoW obsessed boyfriend was the opposite extreme. There’s support out there for people stuck in shitty relationships. But this comic is part of the reason why I wrote the blog about “Ending a relationship“. If anyone wants actual resources for getting help, let me know and I can try to direct you!