Uh, so… right. It’s still Saturday in a parallel dimension where time moves .00000000000001% slower. I think that was the joke. For not inking or coloring these pages, I am in quite bad shape here. It WILL get better, though.

Closet raiding. This can only end well. Also, be sure to check Fallen’s entry on this update. She has some plans to speed up the donation and production aspects. Plus, issue 2 will be colored by Verias. So, that’s a thing. 😉


Happy Labor day? This was certainly a fun memory to go over for the comic script! Dildo nun-chuks seem like something out of Orgazmo but my friends are crazy. It was certainly a fun day. 😉 Those things are fairly solid so getting hit with one does hurt as I have been told. Use your Dildo-fu responsibly!

The blog post also went up a little bit after the comic went live: https://kokoheartsu.blogspot.com/2018/09/a-bit-about-jealousy.html.

~<3 Koko