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Read the ongoing adventures and introspections of Kokoro Castillo in her quest for polyamorous harmony not captured in the comic. (NSFW blog).

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Ship in a Bottle

Alan Parker inherits his grandfather’s curio shop one day only to discover that inside is a bottle containing a powerful and very sexy genie! Shiphrah (or “Ship” as she prefers to be called) immediately takes a shine to our hapless hero and sexy (and sexual!) hijinks ensue. Follow the adventures of Alan and his sexy genie, Ship, as he tries to survive community college, his grandfather’s shop, the cast of zany characters that frequent it and the interpretation of his wishes that may be more than he bargained for!

Inspired by the works of Sydney Sheldon (arguably the sexiest “I Dream of Jeannie” spoof ever created) and Rumiko Takahashi, you can be assured of an erection-inducing and hilarious good time with “Ship in a Bottle“.

Follow sword-for-hire Peppermint as she travels her world in search of Truth, Justice, and maybe a three-way with both! Read on for Sexy, Adult Adventures!

Peppermint heads to the ancient keep where the legendary Sword of Truth is held in order to obtain its power and become the greatest sword-for-hire D’Gaeriya has ever known. Unfortunately for her, the weapon comes with a HEFTY (and strange) price tag and some serious baggage in the form of its resident spirit, Truth! Before long, she realizes exactly why the Sword of Truth is known as a “bastard sword” when Truth strikes his bargain, telling Peppermint the sad tale of the late lady of the manor before getting to the sexy “nitty gritty”.

The Lavenders

Meet Rose Lavender: hard working senior detective with a flair for the fabulous. She’s a mom just like any other except for one thing… she’s also a vampire. All hell breaks loose when her half-vampire daughter, Darlene finally comes of age and becomes a target of The Society. Part horror, part teen and police drama. (NSFW)

Other Projects (Mostly SFW) 

Starship Moonhawk

Starship Moonhawk. “In the distant future, one ship stands between order and chaos.”

After six years in space together, the Moonhawk crew has become a well-oiled machine. But, on the far reaches of the Osiris Region, trouble is brewing on planet Mercaid: a planet of felinoids that are currently in contested territory between the highly advanced Zendosian Union, and the genetically prodigious ichtiyoid species, the Kral’Tik. After 10,000 years of war, the two races have finally grown weary of the conflict, so they decide to cede the entire Osiris Region of space to the United Star Alliance, including planet Mercaid! However, the matrix of the Moonhawk crew will be divided as disgraced Vice Admiral Torrance Colson shows up again. This time, his plot is to destabilize the peace process between the Zendosians and the Kral’Tik by stirring up trouble on Mercaid, the planet right smack dab in the middle of Osiris. Murder and mayhem abound as Colson begins to weave his dastardly plan while the Star Alliance and the peaceful Mercadians are on a race to the bottom to discover the true intent of “The Mercadian Affair”.

Shattered Universe

After the departure of the deep space colony vessel, UESS Pioneer from Earth in 2378, the vessel vanishes into a fold space-time vortex after their fold drive is sabotaged. The Pioneer loses contact with Earth and re-emerges in another sector of the Milky Way in 2551. Humanity is forced to innovate and forge ahead to survive. In their new home, humans encounter alien nations and militaries capable of performing miracles (magic) and possessing technology the likes of which they had never seen.

The year is 3018 and tensions are rising between the human Interstellar Alliance, the empire of Tai Pan, the Constitutional Domain of Ersetu, and the Gartagen Union. Invasion from a feral alien species, the Atraxians, threatens colonies on the further reaches and mysterious outsiders are manipulating the nations towards war. Join the fight to unite the nations against their unseen enemies or further shatter the universe.

Shattered Universe is a science fiction – fantasy themed collaborative roleplaying website where the community creates the universe in which they all engage through creative writing and the creation of artwork. Looking for roleplayers, writers, and artists! (SFW but 18+ community)