eh, heh, heh, heh… So, I had this grandiose plan to put up page 1, and that would motivate me to keep updating on-time. Then, Life. My creditors are going to have a field day with me, but, that’s more a “me” problem, not a “you” problem. The one thing I hate more than incomplete updates is NO updates. And so I have opted on all the major PPP comics to update SOMETHING rather than NOTHING. With that in mind, you will probably see Page 3 inked and colored long before I go back and replace this one. Sorry about that, folks.

ANYWAY, you get some 3/4 nekkid girls, at least. Wait, that’s not the takeaway here… uhm, interesting setup… and… blogginess…

Hmm. Well, Koko is recounting the tale of that night, and some of the events leading up to this little party. Also, Oshigan was forced to re-draw the entire first two panels into something a bit more… dynamic. I personally despise a bunch of little panels everywhere, they are extremely difficult to work with. At any rate, things are going to be heating up in a hurry. STAY TUNED!!!


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