Welcome to our introductory issue! Fallen One will undoubtedly have some commentary to accompany this later, but for now… WELCOME! The team consists (currently) of Fallen One as creator and writer, Oshigan as Penciler, and I (“Mace Paladino”) will be your humble inker/colorist/letterer/editor/publisher. (“Humble”. HAH!)

This is a direct-donation comic, and the first issue is currently funded by Fallen One and her friends. But, after that, the cost goes up. Additionally, we wish to bring our old pal Verias into the fold as colorist. So that means we need to work extra hard to hit our monthly goals. Additionally, affiliate earnings via the ads here on site will go toward the overall studio’s well-being, which means even MORE opportunities for Koko <3 U comics to be made. So, please pick an option or two!

One comment for the nitpickers: I did not “write” music for this. The notes selected are nonsensical gibberish. So please do not attempt to play along. Wait, no… on SECOND THOUGHT: record yourself playing the music, and our favorite will get a simple NSFW sketch as a reward. XD

Thanks for checking us out. 😉


Hi everyone!

I was originally going to write the first entry accompanying the comic on the concept of the power of memory and friendship but that seems a little silly at the moment. I really liked how this page turned out! This was a fun memory to share and even more fun to see develop into what you will be seeing soon.

Dawn and Tammy are long time friends from high school, so give or take 20 years of being friends with them. We’ll be seeing more of them as time rolls on.

We have been to many concerts over the years and I have had the most fun at metal festivals! Nothing like seeing a bunch of bands you love and finding others. <3 This is a metal band up on stage. There something to the thrum of a bass and drum as it reverberates through the venue. The energy to a metal audience is astounding, everyone is moving: singing, horns up, moosh pit thrashing; or people just head banging.

“Rain” has a special meaning to me. I enjoy rainy days, especially if I am up in the mountains and you can smell and feel the storm rolling in: the air grows heavy; the clouds creep up over the canopy of the forest; the birds take wing seeking a safer roost; the sky darkens; and you can feel the moisture start to build up against your skin. I never consider rainy days to be dreary because after the rain there are rainbows, there is new life. As the Baby Metal song goes, “no rain, no rainbows”.

~ Fallen One