It’s been a while since Issue 1 concluded! I hope everyone liked the comic! I wanted to let you know that we’ll be starting Issue 2 soon! I am working on the script for the next Issue. I have been consumed by work and graduate school! But, no worries, blogs will be returning this weekend now that I am not stuck between 5 graduate courses.

If you are wanting to help get Issue 2 rolling to facilitate weekly updates, please consider donating to my Ko-Fi! Every little bit helps! Last issue was possible with the generosity of Scott Michaels and FinnagonRoo! If I am the only one funding it, updates will be slower, maybe once or twice a month.

If you wish to claim one of the Issue 2 guest spots, then please make a note of which spot you are looking for in the Ko-Fi comment!

In other news, I will be one of the script writers for the Cosmic Feline Web series and Survivor! I will also be doing some voice acting work as my character, Karma, across the various Moonhawk Series. Also, as if I wasn’t busy enough, I will be writing and coding a Visual Novel. Lots of things to stay tuned for! Stay classy!

~<3 U! Fallenone