The first blog is up: !

It’s crazy to try to sum up several years into a single blog so this will be over a few blog entries. Entry 1 of the comic is almost fully funded so if you are interested in helping to fund Entry 2, click the Pitchin widget! We’re still working out donator rewards but will donators will get a credit in the Print version with the name/alias of you choice. Verias did a great job on this cover! Just a reminder, the comic will be written by Fallen One, drawn by Oshigan, with Inks/Colors by Mace. The ebook/print version will be available thru Pink Panties Productions on Drive Thru Comics. This is a Studio HnH / Pink Panties Production joint project. I’m looking forward to more projects like this in the future but for now, it’ll just be Koko <3 U!

Entry 1 is funded by Fallen One and Scott Michaels.